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Firetower Marketing is the commercial venture of Grant Wieler who, after years of working in marketing and visual media production for small businesses, realized that there was a better way for his employers to realize their marketing goals, while still pursuing his career and passion in marketing and visual media production. By reducing the overhead cost of hiring a full time, or for that matter a part time employee, Firetower Marketing is able to utilize your marketing budget to its fullest extent by putting a greater percentage of that dollar into generating more business for you.

Meet the Brains

Firetower Marketing is a full service marketing agency based in Morristown, Vermont. With experience in visual media production, content curation, copy writing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and direct marketing campaigns, Firetower Marketing can help you optimize your marketing budget to generate the greatest return on investment possible.

Marketing can be an intimidating, time consuming and energy sapping venture for a business owner, and if not undertaken with care can lead to a massive waste of time and money. That’s where Firetower Marketing comes in. We partner with creatives within our network to arm small businesses with a mighty team of marketing professionals. Our goal is to quarterback your marketing initiatives so that you can concentrate on what you do best, running your business.

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From HTML coding, to graphic design, copywriting and visual media production, we are here to help move your business forward. How can we help you today?