Should You Hire A Social Media Agency?

Digital Advertising Agency IconsWe understand that for small and growing businesses having a dedicated social media team can be hard to financially justify. That’s why FireTower Marketing is here!

We understand that social media management is multifaceted, it is not simply a function of PR, Marketing or design. IT IS ALL THREE, AND MORE. The social media team should work as an extension of the marketing, PR, customers service and design departments. You should treat engaging with your audience via social media as a brand new first impression with every engagement. That being said, simply delegating social tasks to people in multiple departments, or roles, might not get you the well-rounded results you are looking for.


Social Media Management can be a full-time job.

Lets compile a quick list of tasks that a social media manager may implement on a daily basis:

  • Writingcultivating content to be shared (blog posts, videos, other media)
  • Checking industry-related news and trends
  • Researching new influencers to connect with
  • Publishing new social media posts
  • Scheduling social media posts for the week/month/important dates
  • Reviewing social media analytics
  • Engaging with followers
  • Building advertisements and social campaigns

Finally, the most time consuming of all is looking through and researching the results of the previous tasks over time, and optimizing the strategy to increase impressions and engagement.

Through this all, the social media manager will be designing the brand look, voice and appearance to the global audience. Certainly no small task.

Time is Money

You’re trying to run a business, time is always short, and staying within the budget is always first and foremost on the front of the mind. Is hiring out a social media strategist worth the spend?

I suppose the answer could depend on the type of business, but can you afford to take hours a week away from your business to manage your social media?

Firetower Marketing is a social media management agency that can do much more than simply managing your media, but also create content, visuals, and introduce brand influencers to you. Now, could you do all that on top of all your other daily tasks?

Firetower Marketing has the expertise to create innovative and effective strategies and can allocate specialized resources like videographers, designers and writers when it’s necessary without wasting money to hire someone when it’s not.

When a marketing team leverages a top-notch social media agency, great things can happen. You can have a nimble and interactive team getting powerful results, without the high cost of hiring a full-time employees.

Evolving your workflow

Most agencies will propose a standard workflow. As everyone works differently, the flow will be awkward and bumpy at first. As you work together you will be evolving the work process to reduce redundancies and reorganizing communication and working patterns. The evolution is all part of the creative process!

Define your business goals

Even before you hire an agency, get clear on what your business goals are. What do you want to accomplish together? Telling an agency you want to be more active on social media is too vague.

  • Do you want to generate new leads?
  • Expand your brand?
  • Engage more with your current customers?
  • Are you trying to promote a new product or service?

After you’ve established your goals, decide which ones should be handled in house and which would be better handled by the digital marketing agency. There may be some overlap, and that’s not always a bad thing! Clear goals and distinct project roles can enable the agency and in-house team to work together in a complimentary fashion.

Big Data, Exciting Data!

The agency you hire is most likely managing other clients. This gives them access to a huge amount of data… But don’t be intimidated, digital marketing agencies are used to interpreting data and trends for you. Unlike personal social media accounts, which allow you to see a few basic statistics on your activity, digital marketing agencies have access to advanced analytical tools to track and analyze data. Social media is a great place not only to broadcast your business, but also to listen. Accessing, and understanding these analytics can give you incredible insight into your brands performance across the digital landscape.

So, does hiring an agency make sense for you? Did we forget to mention anything? Let us know!

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